Transitional Dressing – Looking Stylish, Come Rain Or Shine

Picture this – the summer sun is scorching and you’ve pulled on your prettiest sun dress, ready for a picnic in the park with friends. You’ve dug out your favourite sandals, your sunglasses are perched on top of your head, and you’re finally ready to enjoy the searing heat.

But now you’ve left home, the skies have turned a rather worrying shade of purple and the rain is starting to fall.

Your beachy, surfer-girl waves are plastered to your head, the chic white sun dress is starting to go see-through and your sandals are squelching through seemingly knee-deep puddles.

Sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry, we get it.

Transitional dressing is one of the trickiest trends to master. What do you wear when it’s hot one minute, then freezing the next?

Thankfully, we’re here to help, with our top budget-conscious tips for transitional dressing. Since you’ll already have most of our top buys to hand, you won’t even need to shop for a new outfit…

And if you do want to treat yourself to one of these wardrobe must-haves, simply hit the summer sales – there are plenty of bargains to be had.

Rock a Wardrobe Classic

A beige trench coat

A beige trench coat, boyfriend blazer and leather biker jacket are wardrobe staples for any fashionista. They also happen to look brilliantly chic with summer dresses (just see the pic of one of our fave style icons, Alexa Chung) and will shield you from any weather, come rain or shine. Meanwhile, consider puddle-proofing your outfit with a pair of ankle boots. Not only will they toughen up your look, but they’ll also keep ankles toasty warm in those strong summer breezes.

Layer Up

Layering is a fantastic way to prepare yourself for all seasons – simply wear a slouchy jumper over your favourite cami and pair with those beloved jeans or skinny cigarette trousers. And if it gets too hot? Simple! Embrace one of this summer’s top micro trends by tying the sweater around your waist.

Pair Autumn Looks With Summer Sandals

If you’re already starting to tire of summer fashion and want to stay one step ahead of the crowd, then shake up your wardrobe with the pre-Autumn collections. Pastel pinks and baby blues are huge next season, so why not work a delicate blazer over your favourite summer dress? Just pair with sandals and painted toenails to keep the look fresh.

A Scarf Will Update Any Outfit

Scarf Will Update Any Outfit

Make like Queen of Accessorising Olivia Palermo by rocking your scarf, your new wardrobe BFF. With a rainbow of colours and prints to pick from, and with plenty of price points, a scarf is a budget-friendly way of updating your wardrobe. Better yet, they act as a brilliant headscarf if you do happen to be caught in a downpour!

So, there you have it – how to master the tricky trend of transitional dressing! What are your top tips?